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Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!

Embarrassing Celebrity Stories | Sal & Chris Present: Hey Babe! | EP 16


Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!

This episode the Babes talk SALS EYES BURN, Sal was hurt by his sister with a ken doll, Chris doesn't know Sam Cooke, Chris' music knowledge is BAD, Sal has OCD and sensitive eyes, a famous singer treats Sal like a FOOL, Shout out Leon Bridges, WEIRD airport stories, Sal being bullied by famous people, the babes talk about moments they bombed in front of celebrities, The babes talk about their love for Calogero "Chazz" Palminteri from A Bronx Tale, Chazz is like bitcoin, Chazz Palminteri stories are the best, Sal needs to be friends with Chazz, Leonardo DiCaprio's dad is sexy, Chris embarrassed himself in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, Sal bombs in front of Blondie, How to act in front of famous people, Shout out Sway, Chris was also embarrassed the time he played in the celebrity All Star softball game, Sal & Chris have stories about Fat Joe concerts, LOVE YOU BABES!

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