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Savage Lovecast

So many wee beasties! With STI expert, Dr. Ina Park.

Savage Lovecast
Savage Lovecast
A 32 year-old man had a cold sore once when he was 15. Does he now have to disclose this every time he goes in for a kiss? 
As a man’s 20 year marriage was ending, he had an affair with an old friend. They were together for 2 1/2 years after the marriage ended. To this day his kids won’t forgive him for this. How can he win them back? 
On the Magnum, Dan brings back our resident STI expert, Dr. Ina Park, to discuss warts that just won’t quit, telling the jerk you slept with that you have some gonorrhea, and, how to prevent recurring unitary tract infections after anal sex. Enjoy! 
And, a woman broke up with her boyfriend of 8 months. He just couldn’t commit to her, saying she was…”too confident,” and his mother agrees. (It’s genetic!) Her question is whether these hurtful words should end any friendship after the breakup or should she keep him in her life? Dan’s answer may…NOT surprise you.

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Savage Lovecast
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