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Savage Lovecast

With actor/comedian Paul Scheer

Savage Lovecast
Savage Lovecast
What is up with using the word “cuck” as an insult? Has it replaced “faggot” as the slur of choice?
A man has been dating a woman for a few months. He feels they could have long term potential, even with the possibility of children. But! He doesn’t feel a chemical attraction to her pussy like he does with other women. How ill does this bode? 
On the Magnum, Dan chats with Paul Scheer- actor, comedian and host of the film podcast Unspooled, about the Oscars, belly fetishes, noisy sex and what it’s like to be inundated by the Star Trek fandom. 
And, if you use a nipple suction toy, you just might get more than you bargained for…

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Savage Lovecast
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