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Savage Lovecast

With Ben Dreyfuss

Savage Lovecast
Savage Lovecast
She used to masturbate as often as 20 times in day. But after getting on medication for depression, her libido crashed. She’s off the meds now, but still hasn’t regained her mojo. How can she recover her lost sex drive? 
A woman went to a sex club with her husband for the first time. It went swimmingly. But the next day she felt depleted and unsexy. What happened? Is Post-Sex Club Letdown a known syndrome?
On the Magnum it’s advice columnist v. advice columnist! Dan brings on actor and journalist Ben Dreyfuss to talk about advice columns, throw some shade, cast some aspersions and generally dish about the genre. 
And a we close with a couple questions about ethical non-monogamy. A man wonders when in the dating process to bring up his preference for ENM. And, a woman is dating a gal who is only reluctantly consenting to ENM. How can she teach her to embrace an open relationship? 

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Savage Lovecast
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