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Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape

A Beautiful Spell - Part Two


Franny's secret is that she has been taking melatonin -- and Jim has revealed some secrets of his own. Will role playing help them put the spark back into their marriage? The dark comedy, “A Beautiful Spell” is the first story from Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape. Told over 3 episodes, real life couple Bodhi & Jenna Elfman play a Jim & Franny who spend one night walking through their insecurities, jealousies and fantasies. Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: www.blueapron.com/secrets Audible.com - Get a free 30-day membership and a free book when you visit them here: www.audible.com/secrets MeUndies - Take 20% off your first order when you visit them here: www.meundies.com/secrets We'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @SecretsCrimes or Facebook.com/SecretsCrimes, and please complete a quick survey at www.wondery.com/survey. Have a question? You can always email us at secrets@wondery.com