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by Justice for Dumb Women
Sentimental Garbage

RuPaul's Drag Race with SELF ESTEEM (a.k.a, Rebecca Lucy Taylor)


Rebecca Taylor of Self Esteem (formerly Slow Club) talks about how Drag Race literally dragged her out of a dark post-break up depression and helped redefine her musical persona. We gush unabashedly about how this show changed our lives, admit to reading the Reddit and confess to drag queen sex dreams. There's also a preview of her new single, HOW CAN I HELP YOU, at the very end, so stay tuned!

Rebecca is @selfesteemselfesteem on everything and her new album, Prioritise Pleasure, is coming October 2021.

Caroline is @czaronline on Instagram and her books are on sale where you get books

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Episode 2

by Justice for Dumb Women