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SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY

Inside an Introverted SEO Consultant’s Mind [SEO Cash Flow #7]

SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY
SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY

I recently had a great discussion with Myriam Jessier and Jess Joyce about being an introverted SEO consultant. As an introvert myself, I sometimes struggle with putting myself out there and being visible in the SEO community.

In this talk, we share what it's like to be introverted in an extrovert-focused industry. But each of us found ways to overcome those challenges and build successful careers, while still recharging our batteries in our own ways.

I explain how I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to start being more publicly visible. Myriam talks about selectively raising her voice at the right moments. And Jess discusses how she harnesses online communities while still protecting her energy.

Our main takeaways:

  • Know your strengths and promote yourself accordingly, whether through your website, network, or other assets.
  • Find what fills your emotional well so you can recharge after draining tasks like public speaking or phone calls.
  • Remember that you don't have to do everything that extroverts do - focus on what works for your personality.
  • I invite you to watch the full discussion to hear more introvert survival tips from three SEOs who have figured out how to thrive:

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SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY
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