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Sex and Psychology Podcast

A Sexplanation: How To Enjoy Shame-Free Sex

Sex and Psychology Podcast
Sex and Psychology Podcast
Despite the fact that I write and talk about sex all day, I don’t actually watch a lot of movies and TV shows about sex because it often feels too much like work! However, every so often a film or show about sex comes along that I really enjoy because it's both entertaining and gets the story right. And the new documentary A Sexplanation, billed as "a comedic sex ed documentary about the universal search for love, connection and self-acceptance," does just that. For today's episode, I am joined by independent filmmaker Alex Liu, creator of the award-winning documentary A Sexplanation. In this film, Alex travels across the United States and Canada speaking with experts and everyday people to open up healthy conversations about sex and reduce sexual shame. It covers a lot of ground, including sex education, masturbation, porn, fantasy, religion, and more. Some of the topics we discuss in this episode include:
  • What was it like for Alex to give viewers an intimate look at his own sex life and coming out journey as part of this film?
  • Why Alex included frank discussions about sex with his parents in the film---and how that changed their relationship.
  • How Alex got a Catholic priest to come on camera and talk about sex---and how this conversation completely changed Alex's view on sex and spirituality.
  • How people can learn to become more vulnerable and have more meaningful conversations about sex.
  • How porn is affecting us as sexual beings.
  • How sex education needs to change to better serve the next generation.
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Sex and Psychology Podcast
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