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David and Victoria Beckham: A special from the archives

SURPRISE! We’re so excited to be bringing you this special, jam-packed episode from the archives.
As you've probably noticed, the Beckham documentary has just dropped on Netflix and is going absolutely wild right now. We binged it, and at the end of the docu-series thought: you know what? We did our own three-part series on David and Victoria Beckham's marriage years ago. It's one of our favorite scandal series of all time and has a lot of information about the celebrity side of David and Victoria Beckham that might not have been covered in the documentary series. We have lots of new listeners who may have missed this series back in the day, so to those listeners: this is our David and Victoria Beckham scandal series from a couple of years back. We’ve packed three episodes into one and we hope you enjoy it!
This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee.
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