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… Fleabag?

Why hello, everyone!
On today’s show: remember the ‘wedding of the century’ that we spoke about last week? Yeah, well… it turns out the groom could be looking at decades behind bars. Plus! Publicist Tree Paine has taken a big old whack at professional celebrity gossiper DeuxMoi, Billie Eilish has called out Variety for ‘outing her’, and friend of the show Dave Galafassi is BACK!!! Then we’re doing a slow news week!
This week, Zara recommended reading ‘How millennials learned to dread motherhood’ in Vox. Mich recommended reading a piece in the ABC called ‘Agatha Christie was the most famous detective novelist in the world. Then she found herself at the centre of a mystery’.
This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee.
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