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Take’n or leavin

Hello hello!
On today’s show: What’s going on with the reports suggesting Prince Frederick has cheated on Australia’s Princess Mary? Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are giving us big romcom energy and we can’t get enough, there’s widespread mourning for Harry Styles’s hair, Mean Girls 2.0 is just around the corner, and Kim Kardashian’s hairdresser files for divorce - literal days after his televised wedding was watched by millions.
This week, Zara recommended watching Starstruck on Binge and listening to ‘What Adidas Knew About Kanye’ from The Daily. Mich recommended watching Take Care of Maya on Netflix.
The 2023 Shameless Holiday Gift Guide is now live! Head here to check it out.
Big thanks to Dan’s Daily for making this episode possible. Head to dansdaily.com.au now to uncover the next big thing in drinks today.
This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee.
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