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159. Simple, Affordable, and Cozy Christmas Decor | Emily of Handmade Farmhouse

Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life

I love talking about home decor on my podcast every now and then because I think it is such a beautiful part of being a homemaker.  As the Christmas season quickly approaches, I am excited to bring you this conversation all about cultivating elegance and beauty in your home for Christmas without spending a fortune.  Emily of Handmade Farmhouse has a way of adding beautiful touches to everything she does, so I knew she would lend the perfect inspiration to this conversation.  This episode is FULL of practical ideas, simple DIYs, and affordable ways to bring the magic and wonder of Christmas to your home this season.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Emily and her husband built their own home from scratch
  • Creating family traditions around Christmas decorating
  • Ideas for decorating your space with functional items that serve a festive purpose
  • Finding a theme for your Christmas decor in unexpected places
  • A few staple decor items you can use year after year
  • One simple home decor piece you can use to elevate your Christmas look
  • Rethinking and rearranging your existing furniture and decor at Christmas time
  • How the color of your lighting can change the atmosphere of a space
  • Surprisingly simple ideas for Christmas decor on a budget
  • Mantel decor inspiration that transitions well from Christmas to January
  • Using faux wrapped gifts to spruce up your decor
  • Changing up your tree decorations from year to year
  • Keeping the Christmas season simple and focusing on what matters most

View full show notes and transcript on the blog + watch this episode on YouTube.

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7 Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas by Handmade Farmhouse


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