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161. Decluttering Before the Holidays + How to Have a Minimalist Christmas | Dawn of The Minimal Mom

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Simple Farmhouse Life

The joy of giving and receiving gifts is such a beautiful part of Christmas, but this time of year can quickly leave our homes overflowing with clutter.  Dawn of The Minimal Mom joined me earlier this year on the podcast to chat about decluttering and minimalism, and you all loved our conversation, so I knew this topic would be a perfect opportunity for Dawn to join me on the podcast again!  We chat about making Christmas fun and exciting for our families without getting caught up in the accumulation of stuff.  But don’t let the word “minimal” fool you; this discussion is less about how minimally decorated our homes look and more about how truly peaceful our homes feel.  If you are ready to embrace the upcoming holiday season without the stress and overwhelm, this conversation is for you!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The secret to making your home feel festive for Christmas without going overboard
  • How minimalism benefits everyone in the home
  • How you know it’s time to get rid of a certain toy
  • Giving our kids the lifelong skill of learning how to manage their stuff
  • Preparing your family for Christmas so you don’t end up drowning in clutter
  • Why our kids’ view of stuff is different than past generations
  • Shifting our mindset around what makes Christmas truly meaningful
  • Helping our kids through comparison and disappointment at Christmas
  • Inspiration for family experiences that can make the holidays memorable
  • How to navigate receiving gifts that you don’t want to keep in your home
  • Number one strategy for staying on top of clutter around the holidays
  • How to know if you have too much stuff

View full show notes and transcript on the blog + watch this episode on YouTube.

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Decluttering by Faith by Dawn Madsen and Diana Kokku

Dawn’s interview with Dr. John Deloney about the link between anxiety and clutter


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