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Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover | Encouragement for your Faith and Family

Leaving a Legacy of Quiet Strength with Trudy Cathy White


Today we have none other than Trudy Cathy White back on the show talking about her newest book, A Quiet Strength. I could not be more thrilled because she is such a dear, sweet person and has so much wisdom. If you missed the last episode we did with her, make sure to check it out. Today we're going to be chatting about A Quiet Strength which is the life and legacy of her mom Jeannette Cathy. I can't wait for you to listen in to this Mother's Day special! I really wanted something special for this Mother's Day episode, and I love that Trudy is a mom talking about her mom. I know that you are going to be encouraged as you listen to her share the wonderful life lessons and treasures that she has had in her life.

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Find out more information about my new book here: https://kristiclover.com/MOMbook

I know that you’re going to love this interview with Trudy! Get ready to be encouraged!