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When to Walk Away with Gary Thomas


SJP #96 When to Walk Away with Gary Thomas

Today we are welcoming back Gary Thomas the bestselling author of Sacred Marriage. If you missed my episode with Gary, you have got to go listen in! That's why we're having him back — he was that good! Today, we're talking about his new book, When to Walk Away, and I'm going to honest, this is probably the most vulnerable I've felt in a podcast episode. I feel a little like you're listening to a counseling session! If you ever wanted to know and have insight into Kristi Clover's heart, this is it! I know this episode is going to impact you powerfully, so listen in and listen carefully to his wise words. You know how much I love books, but I really think When to Walk Away is one that every person needs to have on their shelves.

Get links and show notes here: https://kristiclover.com/096

Find out more information about my new book here: https://kristiclover.com/MOMbook

I know that you’re going to love this interview with Gary! Get ready to be encouraged!