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Low and No Alcohol Beer

Sliced Bread
Sliced Bread

Sales of alcohol-free beer in the UK have more than tripled in the past five years, and you'll find more types of no and low-alcohol beer on sale in your local supermarket.

But what does 'alcohol-free' really mean? And are these drinks always better for your health?

Various listeners got in touch with us about this one, so we enlisted the help of two experts to answer their questions.

Laura Willoughby knows a lot about no/low alcohol beer as co-founder of Club Soda which says it exists "to help people drink more mindfully and live well”.

Kerry Torrens is a registered nutritionist who has been working in the food and drink sector for two decades.

Once again this series we’re testing and investigating your suggested wonder-products, so f you’ve seen an ad, trend or fad, and wonder if there’s any evidence to back up a claim, drop us an email to sliced.bread@bbc.co.uk or you can send us a voice note to our WhatsApp number: 07543 306807.

PRESENTER: Greg Foot PRODUCER: Jon Douglas

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