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Small Town Murder

The Body On The Hill - Milpitas, California

Small Town Murder
Small Town Murder

This week, in Milpitas, California, a local group of teenagers known as "The Stoners" get together, and do exactly what you think they'd do. Until one day, when one of the group brutalizes another, and dumps the body into a ravine. Afterwards, the murderer starts taking other people out to see the body, while bragging about how the murder occurred. Over a dozen kids come out to look, poke the body with a stick, and even steal a radio station's patch off her discarded jeans. It's cold blooded & mind boggling, but finally someone tells the police!

Along the way, we find out that this area has a very crispy smell, that you shouldn't bring your 8 year old brother to see a corpse, and that somehow, some people can be even more cold blooded after they commit the actual murder!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

New episodes every Thursday!

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Small Town Murder
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