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Snap Judgment

The Negotiators from Foreign Policy

Snap Judgment
Snap Judgment

This week on Snap, we drop into the world of a hostage negotiator as he attempts to free an American journalist being held captive.

Big thanks, Mickey Bergman, for sharing this story! Mickey’s book about his negotiations will be published by Hachette’s Center Street soon.

This story comes to us from our friends at The Negotiators. The Negotiators is hosted by Jenn Williams, and is a partnership between Doha Debates and Foreign Policy.

Yes, there are more stories on The Negotiators podcast. Each episode features the story of a dramatic negotiation! If you like this episode, find The Negotiators on your favorite podcast app.

Dan Ephron, Executive Editor of Podcasts at Foreign Policy, produced this episode. Laura Rosbrow-Telem is the show's senior producer. The Negotiators' team includes Japhet Weeks, Rob Sachs, Rosie Julin, Claudia Teti, Jigar Mehta, and Amjad Atallah. Thanks to Nelufar Hedayat, Govinda Clayton and James Wolley for helping create the show with Doha Debates.

Original music by Dirk Schwarzhoff. Snap Editorial support from Nancy Lopez. Artwork by Teo Ducot.

Season 13 - Episode 59

Snap Judgment
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