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Something Rhymes with Purple

Green Fingers

This week, we delve into the world of gardening. Susie and Gyles take us around their linguistic garden and introduce us to some of the words that have interesting 

stories behind them.

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Dumple: To make something into a dumpling shape (back-formation, 1827)

Earth-apple: First a cucumber (11th century), then a potato

Hardy-dardy: A rash or silly dare

Gyles' poem this week was ‘My Cat Major’ by Stevie Smith 

Major is a fine cat

What is he at?

He hunts birds in the hydrangea

And in the tree

Major was ever a ranger

He ranges where no one can see.

Sometimes he goes up to the attic

With a hooped back

His paws hit the iron rungs

Of the ladder in a quick kick

How can this be done?

It is a knack.

Oh Major is a fine cat

He walks cleverly

And what is he at, my fine cat?

No one can see.   

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