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Somewhere in the Skies

A70: A Scottish UFO Abduction

Somewhere in the Skies
Somewhere in the Skies

On episode 298 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we explore the 1992 alien abduction case of Garry Woods and Colin Wright. While traveling down the A70 road in Scotland, they would encounter a saucer-shaped craft above their car. Then, everything went black and they found themselves on the side of the road with over two hours of missing time. What exactly happened in those missing hours? Featuring Scottish UFO researcher, Malcolm Robinson, we hear the incredible story which has become one of the most famous and controversial UFO cases in Scotland. 

Special thanks to voiceover talents, Andy McGrillen and Mick Ford. 

Andy McGrillen: https://twitter.com/ufouapam 

Mick Ford: https://twitter.com/tabbysstar

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