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TED Radio Hour - How Can We Create Public Places That Feel Welcoming & Safe For Everyone?

This week on the TED Radio Hour - How can we create public places that feel welcoming and safe for everyone?
This hour, TED speakers examine our physical and digital spaces—how they run, who they serve, and how to make them better.
First up we ask if public places always fully meet the needs of a community? Shari Davis explains how participatory budgeting can give us all a voice in creating safer and more equitable public spaces.
Next we speak to Eli Pariser who has an optimistic vision for our digital public spaces. He says that by structuring them like real-life parks, libraries, and town halls, we can create more welcoming, safe places online.
The we meet Wikipedian Jake Orlowitz who describes how volunteers update the world's largest encyclopedia. And co-founder Jimmy Wales says the site must not only be a neutral space, but one that encourages diversity.
Finally we have Artist Matthew Mazzotta who says that every community needs public spaces to gather, discuss, and address issues. He works with towns to reimagine overlooked buildings and give them a new public purpose.
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