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TED Radio Hour - Ideas From Far Flung Places

This week on the TED Radio Hour - Journalist Saleem Reshamwala tries to bring the openness of a traveller’s mindset to every new person, place and idea he encounters. This hour, Reshamwala gives us a tour of surprising people and places from his podcast Far Flung - Lima, Nairobi, and prehistoric New Jersey -- to inspire new perspectives on travel and cultures.
Host Manoush Zomorodi and Saleem Reshamwala explore some of the unique perspectives Saleem has gained by traveling and reporting in places like Lima, Peru, where he met Liberato Kani, a Peruvian hip hop artist who raps in the indigenous language of Quechua as a form of resistance and Andean pride.
Saleem Reshamwala talks with Manoush Zomorodi about some of his favorite places and ideas from his podcast, including the fun, fierce, and frivolous African art movement AFROBUBBLEGUM, which was co-founded by the filmmaker and TED speaker Wanuri Kahiu in Nairobi, Kenya.
Host Manoush Zomorodi and Far Flung host Saleem Reshamwala continue their discussion about travel by looking at Saleem’s reporting in New Jersey and what he learned from paleontologist and TED Speaker Ken Lacovara, who sees places as much more than just the way they exist today.
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