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Collaboration and Community with Emily Barnard

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Today, I am talking to my dear client turned friend, Emily Barnard of The Things That Make You Go Woo podcast, and @emilyandherstars. She is an astrologist, teacher, medium, and Akashic records reader Emily was my very first online mentorship client and we have become very close friends over the past few years. We have a mutual love of history, pop culture, and memes that translates into our passion for sharing information instead of gatekeeping.

In today’s conversation, Emily and I are discussing the importance of collaboration and community on the spiritual path. To foster these types of connections, Emily created the Third Eye Library, an online space for people to explore their spiritual curiosities in a safe and supportive environment off of social media. The tagline is “Ancient wisdom, modern mystics” and there are several librarians covering a wide range of topics.

In the Spirit School Collective, Emily will also be teaching a series of classes on Astrology for Lightworkers to help us understand how it can support us on our path.

Connect with Emily

Instagram: @emilyandherstars

Third Eye Library: https://www.thirdeyelibrary.com/

Things That Make You Go Woo Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0p8tqkplTm4wPvGlqG5Rj6?si=PE2kAMflQhaEKTtqk_OFKw


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In this episode:

  • Emily’s love of astrology was shared with her grandmother
  • She started her mediumship journey on her own and reached out to me for mentorship
  • Everyone has different insights into astrology and reading birth charts
  • You can tap into the hidden superpowers in your chart at different times
  • Your 12 month astrological cycle begins with your birthday
  • Emily focuses on evolutionary astrology, the soul’s journey through lifetimes
  • Past life and Akashic records came into her practice from exploring north and south node wounds
  • I’ve been skeptical of past life work, but when it comes up, it makes so much sense
  • Emily keeps astrology separate from her Akashic readings
  • She has a Cosmic Alignment that combines multiple modalities
  • Emily talks about “woo” history on her podcast, Things That Make You Go Woo
  • She loves to uncover the truth behind myths and questions that are relevant today
  • We both appreciate inclusive history that honours the stories that have been removed
  • Most of the evidence we have in history is from the Victorian era
  • Something I promote that Emily does incredibly well is collaboration
  • In the past, she followed the mindset of keeping information to yourself
  • Everyone in Spirit School and in this field has been open with time and knowledge
  • There is no need to gatekeep information because we’re all in this together
  • It’s important to have friends who understand spiritual awakenings and experiences
  • The Third Eye Library was created as a safe space for people to connect
  • The friends Emily has made is why she will continue to share
  • The Third Eye Library was inspired by an art instruction platform
  • It’s a place for community and for exploring new information and curiosities
  • The tagline is, “Ancient wisdom, modern mystics” and it’s important to recognize origins
  • Emily wanted to share the people that she trusts and refers to for classes and modalities
  • The Third Eye Library is a safety net for navigating spiritual awakening and exploration
  • Being off of social media eliminates the fear that friends and family will see your posts
  • It’s important that librarians in the space are still learning and on the journey
  • There are rooms for animal alchemy, meditation, medical, oracle cards
  • It’s a sacred feminine space of support, not turning out content for the masses
  • Seeing a framework of collaboration is healing in a space focused on the individual
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