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December 2022 Spirit Messages

Spirit School
Spirit School

Thank you for your patience between solo episodes this past month while I’ve been healing from being sick. I’m happy to be back for the December Spirit Messages! I shared some news in the episode about acquiring my physical space for Spirit School here in Squamish. I will have to do another one to share the whole journey with you!

In the Spirit School Collective, my monthly membership, we will be doing our FIRST online Psychic Fair on December 10th! You will be able to register for a reading very soon. I had so much fun doing these in my development, and I can’t wait! In addition to my practice circles, Stacee Magee (Spirit Fluent) who you met in a recent episode, will be teaching a Medical Intuition workshop in the Collective as a guest mentor in December. One of my clients, Alesha, will be teaching about the feminine this month too! As if that isn’t enough, the Spirit School Collective members will also have a five day giveaway in December!

We’re wrapping up our 5-day experience, The Confident Lightworker, in the free Spirit School Community this week. From November 28 - December 2, I’m going live each day to share teachings and tips about building up your confidence, whether you are doing this work to serve or for yourself! The replays for each 30 minute live session will be available for you to experience any time.

The messages for December are focused on returning to the love within yourself, and I hope you are able to take some time to connect this month.

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December Spirit Messages:

  • The first messages was returning to love
  • Being wrapped in divine white loving light by spirit
  • Spirit acknowledging us for everything we’ve been through this year
  • These experiences help us to grow collectively in humanity and on the other side
  • We have had to surrender and find our inner guidance for discernment
  • It feels like we have reached the peak and will be unwinding and unpacking
  • We are being asked to return to love at this time
  • Can we see conflicts from a lens of love?
  • Allow yourself to anchor into love from the inside out
  • Some of you may feel a resistance to this love because of conditioning
  • Until we can receive it from our source, we won’t receive it in from others
  • Take intentional moments to sense and return to that love
  • There will be a ripple effect in our homes, communities and globally if we do
  • Spirit is asking us not to overcomplicate the healing required to change society
  • Returning to love can bring completions and resolutions in mindset and relationships
  • If you feel this love daily in December, your life can be very different by next month
  • Simplify and streamline so that you can focus on what matters most
  • Ask yourself how you can experience the busyness of the holidays with a place of love
  • There were a lot of 1s, indicating new beginnings for the new year
  • April is the astrological new year and spring feels like a fresh start
  • If you are feeling bored looking ahead, reimagine with excitement
  • It can be scary making changes when there are no guarantees
  • There's healing in taking positive movement forward in things that excite you
  • Why choose boredom when it’s just as uncertain?
  • Cards are also suggesting that collaboration could be the path forward
  • There is throat chakra and speaking attached to this
  • I am collaborating for my Trauma Informed Light Worker Certification Program
  • I could do it alone but I want to bring in other voices and perspectives
  • The world of spirit acknowledges your acceptance of your darker sides
  • You will gain so much confidence from the deep work this year
  • We chose to be who and where we are because we are needed here
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