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From Hoping to Having with Julie Poole

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Today, I am talking to Julie Poole, an intuitive psychic, healer, channeler, Reiki Master/Teacher, Professional Hypnotherapist, Coach and Author from the UK. I discovered her through her astrology forecasts on YouTube and resonated with her Virgo forecasts! I also had a reading with her, which was very accurate for what was happening in my life. Her background as a therapist and spiritual teacher are reflected in her grounded and holistic approach to her work.

In today’s episode, we talked about our consciousness rising here on earth and how we are moving towards a Golden Age. Julie shared how aliens, highly evolved beings, are supporting us in our evolution and how we as humans will connect to each other in a new way. Her new book, From Hoping to Having, showcases her wisdom and experience with the law of attraction. Julie says that the reason many people don’t have results is that they are not following all the steps, so her book provides the foundation for you to manifest!

Connect with Julie


Podcast: The Julie Poole Show: Let’s Chat Universal Energy

Website: https://www.juliepooleonline.com

From Hoping To Having by Julie Poole. Now available on Amazon worldwide in kindle ebook, paperback and hardback. Audio version will follow shortly, (April 2023) for those of you who like to listen rather than read. There is also an Affirmation Booklet to go with it! I do hope it helps you to manifest your best life! For those of you who do not have kindle, the generic e-pub version (for any e-reader device except kindle) is available on Julie’s website:


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In this episode:

  • I found Julie’s YouTube energy forecasts to be so accurate that I booked a reading
  • As a hypnotherapist and counselor, she has a holistic approach as a spiritual/life coach
  • Grounding spiritual teachings and connecting it to daily life
  • You are a synergy of different parts and are greater when they come together
  • She empowers you to use tools and find your own answers
  • We can’t bypass the human experience of learning from our mistakes
  • As a child, Julie noticed the disconnect in Christians between their behaviour in and out of church
  • There are many people awakening and expanding as we approach the Golden Age
  • We’re past the tipping point and it’s easier to see the darkness with more light
  • We’ve signed up to be here and help others during this transition
  • The Golden Age will be a time of genuinely caring for and understanding each other
  • We’ve had the most rapid change in history in the last 100 years
  • We are moving towards higher vibrational energies that are love-based, not fear-based
  • Rules are breaking so we can step into our freedom and question them
  • Spiritual teachers from the past show us how to be less judgemental and more compassionate
  • As we expand, we become more aware of people’s emotions and energy
  • Aliens can be in a body, or an energetic form, not from earth called HEBs (highly evolved beings)
  • There are aliens already advanced to where we are heading in the next 500 years
  • HEBs want to help up because the universe rises when earth does
  • I grew up in a family obsessed with sci-fi and had a fear of aliens
  • Our chakras are expanding to have more capacity for security, love and confidence
  • Generations born in times of fear and war are more insecure, and each one gets stronger
  • Having these abilities in the 70s and 80s was seen as a party trick
  • Julie read books and connected to spirit on her own and joined a circle at 37
  • Her children were brought up with her talking to spirit, using crystals, and running a circle
  • Julie’s son joined her circle as a teen and was a natural but shifted away
  • Her daughter learned from her example and has manifested amazing things with ease
  • It’s more open to do this work and not behind closed doors through word of mouth
  • It takes practice to develop intuitively and it’s great to have videos to look back on
  • Julie received positive comments on videos she felt weren’t good enough, but said “it’ll do”
  • It’s not about how good we think it is, but the fact that it is meant to help people
  • Her YouTube channel started with free self hypnosis audios to help people
  • In 2017, Julie had her first online session with a client over Skype
  • She followed nudges to add tarot readings and her business took off
  • Julie cut back her client hours to write her book and start a podcast
  • She is learning about podcasting from scratch through YouTube
  • Julie also reduced her hours to be with her children in their formative years
  • Content from programs that didn’t take off ended up being part of her book
  • Because her books are channeled, she writes them quickly, the longest taking 10 months
  • Her new book is called From Hoping to Having: The Three Rs to Create Your Best Life.
  • The three parts, the three Rs are remember, reset, receive
  • Remember is about your creating from your personal, spiritual and I am power
  • Reset is about reprogramming your responsibilities, boundaries and commitments
  • Receiving is about kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, prosperity and health
  • People feel that the law of attraction doesn’t work, but they are missing steps
  • There is a separate affirmations booklet to complement the book
  • You need to have boundaries in order to manifest the life of your dreams
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