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January 2023 Spirit Messages

Spirit School
Spirit School

I’ve been ready for 2023 to come and I’m excited to bring you the January spirit messages! I say that these are collective messages with a disclaimer that I am not intending to speak on the behalf of 8 billion people on this planet. This is Spirit's way, and my spirit's way, of bringing forward information that I feel will resonate with a lot of people who are regular listeners and who will be drawn to listen to this. I believe Spirit will attract you as a listener to different episodes at different times, and you will hear something that will resonate with you when you need it.

I couldn't wait to record this episode because all month it's just been coming in so, so clear that when we feel into the energy of January, we are being asked to start looking to our future selves. This is very powerful because I know from being in the intuitive mediumship and spiritual development journey, that there's so much healing that has to take place to be able to step fully and confidently into our paths as lightworkers.

This episode ends with a Confident Future Self visualization and I encourage you to journal what you envision for yourself in 2023!

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Spirit Messages:

  • All of December, Spirit has been saying it’s time to start looking to our future selves
  • A lot of healing takes place to be able to step confidently into our paths as lightworkers.
  • There is a focus on the past, but it’s an important time to make decisions for the future
  • We are more aware of repeating cycles and patterns than a few generations ago
  • Cycles are broken by choosing again and making decisions based on future benefits
  • Even for diet and exercise, are you choosing for your 90-year-old self?
  • If you’re the only one in your circle to break the cycle, the effects will ripple
  • Spirit is asking us to take leaps and see how it feels
  • Have a note to ask, how will this affect my future self?
  • It’s now or never for society to not revert back to comfortable ways
  • We are creating a new foundation for our generations moving forward
  • In January, we are getting clear on what and who we stand for
  • Who needs your voice? A lot of you will be ready to share your wisdom
  • You will be surprised with how much people need to hear what you have to say
  • Throat chakra tightness will loosen as you express yourself
  • The spaces we are usually quiet need us to step forward
  • There is a lot of divine free will at play, so our future depends on every choice
  • Choose based on being a good ancestor for your lineage
  • We have had chaos before, but this time we have exposure to all parts of the world
  • As a spirit here at this time, can you see how valuable you are to the future?
  • The 2019 messages to get our mindset right were preparing us for 2020 forward
  • Another repetitive message from the past year was being comfortable with discomfort
  • Spirit is bringing up how we avoid and pacify discomfort to prepare us for 2023
  • Beyond August will be dependent on our words and actions
  • Discomfort is an energy of change which is necessary
  • Starting in January, we have to be a lot more selective about our energy
  • Spirit revisited a previous message about healing on the go
  • You don’t need to be fully healed before moving forward into your future
  • There will be a lot of determination in 2023 to walk through obstacles
  • People doubting you won’t stop you from continuing
  • The people you choose to surround you will continue when you need rest
  • It makes sense that I didn’t feel like pulling 12 cards now that I couldn’t see the fall
  • 8 Accelerated Motion card aligns with us moving forward, not back
  • The Light card indicates spiritual experiences if we listen to the January messages
  • We will realize that our light never diminishes, even in the dark times
  • The Increased Intuition card reflects confidence we’re building in our intuition
  • Even systems like medical and law enforcement will use intuitive language
  • Coming out with intuitive gifts will be safer than before
  • Development will be a natural byproduct of living intuitively with boundaries
  • Life is always hard and beautiful, and we get to choose how to show up
  • Future Self Visualization
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