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Lecture Series: Spirit School Mediumship Q+A

Spirit School
Spirit School
Lecture Series: Mediumship Q&A

One of the benefits of being in the free Spirit School community is that I enjoy going live to connect with you. This episode is from the Mediumship Q&A I did in that space on January 14. Most of the questions were submitted ahead of time and there were some that came up live. Come join us for the next one and enjoy the other free development experiences we have to offer!

The Initiation 8-Week Mediumship Foundations Experience includes self study, live classes, practice readings and Q&A calls. This is a robust course for anyone in their first three years of mediumship development.

The Initiation starts January 27: https://www.squamishmedium.com/programs-the-initiation

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Questions from the episode:

  • Difference between mediumship vs channeling. Will the Initiation/Collective develop both?
  • Distinguishing gender and avoiding mis-gendering - have you been able to discern non-binary souls?
  • What do you do when you get stuck in a reading? My logical brain gets in the way when I ask questions to Spirit.
  • Have you had any impactful sensory experiences in Indigenous ceremonies? (with elders, pipe carriers, etc.)
  • How can I best apply mediumship development to working with groups and Indigenous organizations? I rarely receive messages for individuals
  • How do you discern and ethically communicate to a sitter what is spirit messages versus personal/psychic insights?
  • As a therapist, I have fear around professional reputation if I talk about my mediumship abilities. Any advice on integrating or sharing with others?
  • How has your process in mediumship readings evolved after years of professional readings?
  • What can I do if the sitter can’t place a spirit I’m connecting with?
  • How do I not lose focus if they remember later who I was talking about?
  • If they resonate with a description but a photo they show isn't what I pictured, is it me or the sitter filling in blanks in our minds?
  • Honouring the ebbs when it feels like you’re taking steps back
  • In a public setting for readings, how have you encountered and handled people challenging you?
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