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March 2023 Spirit Messages

Spirit School
Spirit School

Welcome to the March 2023 Spirit Messages. This month's overarching themes are about the law of reciprocity, your interactions and knowledge exchanges, and a lot of spirituality and spiritual growth.

Knowledge exchange came up in the February Spirit Messages, and I've been shifting my perspective on how I engage with my peers and with those who inspire me. I want to be reciprocal in nature to thank them for their time and energy.

If I were to say that this month is to be focused on one thing, it's going be awareness around this exchange and looking at what you need as an exchange to feel filled up again.

As we are heading into spring, the world of Spirit really wants to bring to our attention this sense of renewal that we need to bring into ourselves. We will have some beautiful representations in the natural world around us, with Mother Earth and the abundance that comes with that reciprocity.

It's a very spiritual month. A lot of the things that are coming up are around spirituality. So if you have been feeling disconnected from spirituality or disengaged from your spiritual path, this will be a really exciting month for you to reconnect.

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In this episode:

  • We're going to find ourselves outside and connecting with nature.
  • We give, give, give and tend to overgive as parents, but there is an opportunity to receive if we shift our perspective.
  • There is the opportunity for us to be recharged and refilled by little nuances that happen every day.
  • This is going to be a month of expanding our awareness.
  • We will shift that perspective on 'how can I make this a more reciprocal experience?'
  • The things that can bring us the most joy will be those little moments.
  • Be the person who looks out and takes in that moment of full presence and gratitude for the experience you're having right now.
  • Reframe anxiety: 'It's like I get to experience these nerves and call them excitement.'
  • Not everything that depletes us will be changeable.
  • Find the law of reciprocity in existing situations and relationships.
  • I don't believe we are meant to live this life without hiccups or depletion.
  • We are coming into a lot of completions when it comes to the end of March - a lot of it is around stories you're telling yourself.
  • The practice of awareness and of being extremely hyper-present gives us spiritual resolve, and becoming aware of love and joy in your everyday moments will fill you up.
  • Little practices will help build the spiritual strength you have sought in other places.
  • Not everything that works for someone will work for you; spirituality, above all else, is not a one size fits all journey.
  • I need to say this directly from Spirit, 'you are not a burden.'
  • Keeping so many different worries and concerns inside can lead to digestive issues, and it's time to break this cycle.
  • Release some of what you're carrying and share that load with others; it is helping other people in their karma.
  • When we are sitting and listening to people, we're not trading wounds.
  • We need to ask the people approaching us, 'do you want me to sit back and listen to you? Or can you inform me when you are looking for my feedback or advice?'
  • We want to get a lot more emotionally intelligent in our exchanges.
  • There are counsellors out there that will happily listen to you.
  • There will be so many powerful dreams and feeling of the presence of the spirit world.
  • Not everyone has the privilege of rest, but carve out time for it if you do.
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