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Physical Mediumship with Winter Brook

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Today, I am talking to Winter Brook, a psychic and transfiguration medium, reiki master, spiritualist minister, teacher, attorney, and humanitarian. We met through Mavis Pittilla's Advanced Mediumship. I did it two years in a row and we were in a circle together in the cohort we were both in. We didn't have much time to engage with one another there, but we continued to follow each other on Facebook. Getting to know more about Winter and her physical mediumship through that connection is why I wanted to have her on today. This interview also showed how Winter’s love for animals and humanitarian work overlaps with her spiritual work. She is a natural teacher and we are so excited to have her join us in the Spirit School Collective as a guest mentor for the members to experience her energy and wisdom.

In this episode, Winter defines some of the key terms associated with physical mediumship and transfiguration to provide us with a basic understanding. She shares some of her experiences as both a sitter and a medium, giving us more context around what happens in a dark seance. Winter also talks about how skeptics going into a reading with a code word can ruin a reading because the sitter’s energy impacts the energy. The only negativity she has experienced in this work is from other humans. For those feeling that there is negative energy around, Winter reminds us that we are also spirit and can set intentions for our energy!

If you want to see the images discussed in this video, head over to Youtube around the 30 minute mark: https://youtu.be/eGG1Y8xMmyY

Winter will also be presenting as part of the Physical Mediumship in Victorian Times event in Lily Dale, NY June 18-22. Find out more at https://www.spiritartgallery.net/

Connect with Winter

Winter Brook is a certified psychic medium, a transfiguration physical medium, an Ordained Spiritualist minister, retired attorney, and a Reiki Master / Teacher. She has trained in the UK at the Arthur Findlay College as well as locally on Long Island. She has been teaching mediumship and working professionally for 14 years demonstrating at colleges, over 50 Long Island libraries, on behalf of governmental municipalities, at Lily Dale Assembly, Spiritualist churches and Metaphysical centers across the US and internationally. She is an Ambassador for the oldest Metaphysical not for profit learning community on Long Island, the Eyes of Learning. She is a former radio and tv host. Presently she hosts 2 monthly internet video shows on metaphysical topics and has been interviewed numerous times over the years. She is a former Woman of the Year for her volunteer humanitarian work saving the lives of children with heart defects from third world countries with Rotary International’s Gift of Life. She is a single mother of two girls, having adopted the youngest as a single mother, a proud pet owner, and foster mom to feral kittens.

YouTube: @winterbrookpsychicmedium

Instagram: @winterbrookpsychicmedium

Website: https://www.winterbrookmedium.com/

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In this episode:

  • Winter shut down the gifts she had as a child
  • She raised her two daughters in her hometown on Long Island as a single mother
  • She began to experience people’s thoughts and emotions in 2005
  • Winter got books from the library and found out about Spiritualist churches in her area
  • She is an advocate of continued education and we met through a class with Mavis Pittilla
  • Lily Dale, New York is the largest spiritualist community in the US
  • Spiritualism is a religion, philosophy, and science using mediumship to prove the continuity of life
  • You need to be a Spiritualist for a year to live there and most homeowners are mediums
  • In the summer, there would be 20-30,000 visitors pre-covid for readings and lectures
  • When you go through the gate, it's almost like the energy is palpable
  • There are workshops on all different metaphysical topics
  • Dominic Boag is coming to teach at Spirit School and will be on the East Coast this summer
  • There is a children’s week with programs so parents can go to classes
  • Winter is teaching at a symposium of physical mediumship in Victorian times June 18-22
  • Apports are when objects are materialized by spirit
  • Transfiguration is when spirit changes the features of the medium
  • Physical mediumship is usually done in the dark with red, green or blue light
  • Physical mediumship has traditionally been hosted outside the boundaries of Lilydale proper
  • An image of Winter’s dad with evidence was created on paper by spirit in a seance and after
  • Not many mediums knew about physical mediumship, so Winter took courses to learn about it
  • Mental mediumship is messages coming through for the sitter
  • Sitters witness physical mediumship through the senses
  • The room gets cold, and people may see, hear, smell, or feel the presence of spirit
  • In transfiguration, an ectoplasmic mist builds up in front of her face and other faces appear
  • Physical mediumship takes years of dedication with no guarantee of anything happening
  • Elementals will elongate Winter’s ear, and recently her middle finger has been elongated
  • A medium told her that she would know she’s working with an ET when her finger grows long
  • In one of the photos, Winter’s face is transformed into what is clearly a man’s face
  • Winter shares her opinion on Surviving Death such as how code words were depicted
  • Having a code word comes from lack and prevents you from receiving other evidence
  • Mediumship is not a perfect science, just as no one in other professions are perfect
  • Mediums use cabinets for physical mediumship to contain the energy that is building
  • Winter is tied down during transfiguration in case of unexpected movements and ectoplasm burns
  • Metal jewellery needs to be removed so people don’t think it’s an apport, and to avoid interference
  • Being able to communicate with animals has caused a “foster fail” for Winter with kittens
  • Winter does feel some discomfort from physical mediumship but says you get over it
  • As a sitter at a seance, you may feel nausea or pulling if spirit uses your energy
  • Winter describes it as a 2 out of 10 for discomfort, though women have high pain tolerance
  • I had a trance experience where I felt my crown being pulled and felt I needed to heal someone
  • Trance is not the same as physical mediumship, but can benefit your mental mediumship
  • I’ve been told by Winter and Mavis that I could do physical mediumship, but I love teaching
  • Winter says the only negativity she’s experienced in mediumship is from other humans
  • She does do house clearings and tries to teach people how to do it themselves
  • We are all spirit, just in a different form, so you can set intentions and step into your power
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