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Introducing Me and AU


Coming June 11 from the Procyon Podcast Network. Me and AU is a full cast LGBT+ audio romance about love, friendship, fandom, TV shows of questionable quality and growing up.

All Kate Cunningham wants to do this summer is watch her new favourite TV show, Selkirk, write fanfic about her new favourite TV show, Selkirk, and think as little about the future as possible. But a new online friendship with a fellow fic writer might disrupt at least one of those plans...

Content Notes: This podcast includes strong language, smoking and occasional discussions of drug use and violence.

A transcript of this trailer can be found here: https://www.procyonpodcastnetwork.com/post/preview

In Order of Appearance…
Ben Moody as Tony
Nisa Nijab as Jodi
Sam B. Nguyen as Garrett
Ryan Estrada as Weather Guy
Philomena as Kate

Written and sound designed by Andrea Klassen
Additional sound design and engineering by Erin Baumann
Theme by Samantha Jean Rivers
Logo design by Alex Yun

Additional Music:
Jolenta Clears the Table, Dr. Turtle
Devastation and Revenge, Kevin MacLeod

Find us at https://twitter.com/meandaupod or https://www.procyonpodcastnetwork.com/