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Storytellers Telling Stories

S2: Ep.25 - Nowhere Near Normal - Traci Foust & Maiah Wynne


Our series finale introduces author Traci Foust in the voices of a couple dozen other writers from both seasons of the podcast, featuring original musical composition and a song by Maiah Wynne.

Click here to buy a copy of Traci's memoir, Nowhere Near Normal.

Click here to check out more of Maiah's music.

Thank you to the following storytellers for lending their voices:

Adam Strong, Brianna Barrett, Christina Butcher, David Ciminello, Davis Slater, DeAngelo Gillispie, Domi Shoemaker, Felicity Fenton, Geronimo Tagatac, Jackie Shannon Hollis, Jason Arias, Jennifer Robin, James A. Gilletti, Kate Gray, Kate Ristau, Kevin Sampsell, Kimberly King Parsons, Margaret Malone, Mark Russell, Mo Daviau, Rick Hall, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Stephanie Strange, Stevan Allred, Suzy Vitello, Tammy Lynne Stoner, Yuvi Zalkow.

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