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Straight Outta Cobham - A show about Chelsea

Chaos reigns supreme as Chelsea beat nine-man Tottenham

The purest of pure Barclays...
Matt Davies-Adams is joined by two of The Athletic's finest - Liam Twomey and Simon Johnson - to TRY and round up one of the most ludicrous matches in Premier League history.
It finished Tottenham 1 Chelsea 4 - but how did we get there and how on earth did Nicholas Jackson manage to score a hat-trick?! And why on earth did Spurs play into their hands?! And just what the HELL was going on?!!!
Amid all the chaos we almost forget the seismic news to reach us on Saturday - that rather unthinkably, Emma Hayes will be leaving the club at the end of the season. Times like these call for an emergency appearance from the one and only Jessy Parker Humphreys to tell us more.
We'll be back on Thursday to preview the visit of Manchester City (eek) to Stamford Bridge.
Produced by Lucy Oliva.
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Straight Outta Cobham - A show about Chelsea
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