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by Avalon Factual
Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall

Episode 21 – Destroying Furniture, With Joanna Scanlan


Today is a special treat for fans of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly. In the first of a mini-series of Talking Dogs celebrity specials, Graeme Hall meets Joanna Scanlon. Not only is she the much loved actor in movies including Girl With A Pearl Earring, and TV shows like The Thick of It and No Offence, she’s also the narrator of Graeme's TV show! The Dogfather hears about the problems Joanna’s having with her rescue staffie Millie. Millie likes to chew both hands and chair legs! A listener also has a similar problem with her Czech wolf dog destroying any furniture he can get his teeth around. Plus, do dogs understand what’s happening when we’re on our phones…?

Do you have a question for The Dogfather? Send Graeme a voice note and a video of your pesky pooch to talkingdogs@avalonuk.com.



by Avalon Factual