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by Avalon Factual
Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall

Episode 23 – Lunging At Traffic, With Candice Brown


Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown might feel in control in the kitchen, but when she’s out and about walking her dogs it’s a very different story. She asks for Graeme Hall’s advice about how to cope with rescue pug Albus’ habit of lunging and barking at everything that moves - from birds, to artic lorries. Graeme wonders if Albus’ history of potential abuse plays a part, but perhaps Candice mollycoddles him a little too much too. Plus, a listener has a similar problem as she walks a dog who isn’t a fan of cyclists and joggers.

Do you have a question for The Dogfather? Send Graeme a voice note and a video of your pesky pooch to talkingdogs@avalonuk.com.



by Avalon Factual