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Christmas Song Listening Party Part 2 [12.27.21]


We got so many Christmas/Holiday song submissions for last week's show (over 300 of them!!) that we've decided to listen to more of them this week!

And, not to be all "Scrooge"-like, but a TON of them submitted for last week's show were not the Piano/Vocal or Guitar/Vocal versions we asked for! We couldn't consider those, as they would not have been on a level playing field with submissions from people who DID follow instructions ;-)

Speaking of not following instructions: A gazillion of the submissions for last week were also not downloadable, as we had requested. Those were also not considered. We just don't have the time to email or call a couple hundred people to ask them to re-submit.

And finally, there were actually people who got upset with us for not playing their songs. We got more than 300 hundred submissions, and we can only play about 20 during the show. If we played all 300, that would be about 20 hours of music we've have to play. As much as we all love TAXI TV, a 20-hour show would be a very, very long show ;-)


So... All that considered, we will be playing songs that are either Guitar/Vocal or Piano/Vocal (only!) and are downloadable, that we have left over from last week's show. We are NOT accepting any new submissions.

Please don't send emails asking us to make exceptions or imploring us to play your song. We try to be democratic about these things, and insisting that we play your song because you worked really hard on it or your friends love it or the Beatles almost recorded it won't result in it getting played. We've still got about 100 songs left over from last week from people who met the submission criteria. We will pick about 20 from those!

We hope we hear some great ones again this week. Please join us!