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Technically Speaking: An Intel Podcast

Welcome to Technically Speaking

Are you curious about the groundbreaking world of artificial intelligence and its influence on our society? Welcome to “Technically Speaking: An Intel Podcast” a podcast from Ruby Studios from iHeart and powered in partnership with Intel.

Join us every other Tuesday as we unpack the pioneering developments of the AI revolution.

From healthcare and education to transportation and entertainment, AI is leaving an indelible mark on every facet of our lives. Through insightful conversations, we'll explore how AI is sparking positive change, revolutionizing industries, and propelling society forward into a new era of innovation. Hear the stories of AI-powered solutions that are transforming medical diagnoses, enabling personalized learning experiences, and revolutionizing urban mobility and learn how Intel is where it all starts.

Get ready to dive into captivating narratives that highlight the incredible ways that Intel powered AI is already enhancing our lives and discover the limitless potential it holds for the years to come.

Learn more about how Intel is leading the charge in the AI revolution at Intel.com/stories

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Technically Speaking: An Intel Podcast
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