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Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Matchmaker, Make Me a Match


Last year, we did a virtual live show on Valentine’s Day, and Nora — who considers herself a bit of a matchmaker — did some matchmaking. And while she was doing that, the live show comments section was popping off with other Terribles looking for love.

This gave Nora the harebrained idea to make … a matchmaking episode. Consider this the podcast version of that “Great Expectations” video dating service from the ‘90s.

If you are interested in reaching out to any of these people romantically, send an email to matchmaking@noraborealis.com with the person’s nickname as the subject line. (If you don’t do this, your email will be deleted). The deadline to submit is Tuesday, June 21st.

Dater nicknames:

Seeking Partner, Not Friend



West Winger

14 Acres

Lowkey in Brooklyn

Dr. Love

The Widower

Cooks A Mean Steak

Chaotic Bisexual

Biker Gang

Escaping the Rut

Caregiver Seeks Care

Stepmom Energy

Now, for the legal stuff: Neither Nora nor anyone at APM has screened or endorsed any person participating in this exchange. If folks decide to connect or meet as part of this, again, they do it completely at their own choosing, and they should use every precaution that they would use in any other situation where they’re dealing with a stranger.

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