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Texas  Blues Cafe

Texas Blues Café, Session #170.

Texas Blues Cafe
Texas Blues Cafe
Experience the Texas Sound y’all! Here is this sessions line up…
Ron Artis Family Band-[You Can't Lie To Grandma], Z-Tribe-[Defending the Blues] ,Ian Moore-[Pay No Mind],John mayall-[With You], Grace Potter-[Stop The Bus], Jerry Forney Blues Band-[I'll Play The Blues], Preacher Stone-[old Fashion Ass Whoopin], The Buddaheads-[Howlin' At The Moon], Lost Immigrants-[Cant You See], Paul Thorn-[Pimps & Preachers], Jeff Strahan-[Amen To The Blues],
Stony Larue-[Solid Gone] and Bob Segar-[Come To Papa].
Texas Blues Cafe
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