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by Ben and Keith
TG Geeks Webcast

TG Geeks Webcast Episode 339


The Two Gay Geeks 🏳️‍🌈 have a chat with Señor Amor, Executive Director of Youth Against Prejudice. You may have seen several press releases we have published about this new organization, now you can hear about directly from the man who created this exciting new program for youth. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

About Senor Amor

For over 30 years, Señor Amor has co-hosted the "Molotov Cocktail Hour" on KLXU radio in Los Angeles. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in History at Loyola Marymount University, he worked as a music supervisor and promoter, establishing a national presence as one of the country's top DJs. Having worked in almost every aspect of the music and live event industry, he is recognized as a trend setter and tastemaker due to his musical knowledge of a variety of genres and eras.

Having dedicated his life to bringing people together and working across cultural and regional differences to create shared experiences, he now combines his diverse professional accomplishments with his family's deep philantrophic tradition to create Youth Against Prejudice. As the organization's executive director, Señor Amor leads the effort to develop programs and creative iniatives to reach as many young people as possible, and engage them to working towards anti-racism and anti-prejudice in their own lives.

About Youth Against Prejudice


Youth Against Prejudice (YAP) is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) public charity that develops programs to raise awareness, educate, inspire and activate young people to become ambassadors of change to eliminate prejudice and racism.

Founded in 2021 by DJ and radio personality Señor Amor, Youth Against Prejudice's premiere program, "The History of Hip Hop," examines how composers and performers of different ethnic backgrounds created the music styles that led to the development of hip hop. Young people who participate in the program learn how diverse cultures and musical styles came together over several decades, leading to the worldwide phenomenon known as rap music. Program participants work with a composer to create their own rap songs, touching on what they learned throughout the 12-week program.

Other programs include "Art As A Voice For Change," the "Heroes Program," and "Museum Program". Each program touches on different aspects of understanding the value differences between individuals and groups, focusing on respecting the contributions of different and diverse cultures. Students work side by side with mentors, program facilitators, and their fellow participants across cultural, ethnic and social classes. Sharing differing viewpoints born out of diverse backgrounds enriches the dialogue and supports creative problem solving.

At the beginning of each program participants are asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire to establish any internal biases. At the end of the program a similar anonymous questionnaire is distributed to determine how and if those biased ideas have changed.

All programs are developed and presented at no cost to the host organization or participating students. The goal is to reach as many young people as possible, creating ambassadors for anti-prejudice and anti-racism, who will carry forth what they have learned throughout their personal and professional lives.


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