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by Ben and Keith
TG Geeks Webcast

TG Geeks Webcast Episode 344


The Two Gay Geeks 🏳️‍🌈 have a chat with Andrew Bee and Kyle Dunbar, actor and writer/ director respectively of the new short film Mute, based on a Steven King short story. We chat about how they came to make this film and Kyle gives us a glimpse behind the scenes into the process he used to make this film. Andrew gives us some insight into how he prepared for the character and some of the challenges presented as you will hear in the interview. We are excited to see this film and once it has a premiere date, we will be running a press release so you can potentially see it yourself. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did. About Andrew Bee - Actor As a child, Andrew Bee always knew he wanted to act. Unfortunately, his dream was sidetracked as dreams often are and it took almost forty years to find it again. He has appeared in Suicide Squad, Kim's Convenience, Saving Hope, and numerous other television shows. He has also acted in many independent feature films and shorts, and some nationwide commercials. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrew.bee.690/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrewbee10 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aandrewbee/?hl=en About Kyle Dunbar - Writer/ Director Kyle Dunbar is a British-Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Particularly fond of horror stories and anthology shows, Kyle’s projects pivot towards societal satires and ordinary situations that take unexpected turns. He has directed several short narratives of various genres, which include an adaptation of a Stephen King story. While walking a tight-rope between comedy and horror, Kyle's approach to storytelling aims to captivate and surprise. Twitter: https://twitter.com/PendleFilms IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4499788 About Mute ☀☀☀ Based on a story by Stephen King. Monette, a traveling book salesman arrives unannounced at a priest’s home, eager to confess to a sin that he isn’t exactly sure is his fault. Intrigued, the priest wants to know more, and Monette recounts his story of picking up a deaf-mute hitchhiker while on route to Derry, Maine, during his bookselling spree. To pass time on the long journey, Monette spews the juicy details about his wife’s bizarre love affair and embezzlement schemes. IMDB: https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt13628800/?ref_=nm_filmo_pastfilmvid_3 ❀❀❀❀ In our second segment, we chat about nothing since we ran out of time. We also highlight recent articles posted to tggeeks.com in the past week. As always we have our birthdays and we have the ever-popular feedback segment. We welcome your feedback. Please, let us know what you think. Good or bad, we want to know and you could receive a shoutout in the feedback segment. Thank you for listening, we really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to spend with us. Our YouTube channel is audio only: Show Notes / Links: TG Geeks Episode 340 TG Geeks Episode 341 TG Geeks Episode 343 Dare to Wear Fright-Rags’ CANDYMAN Apparel Plus THE BURBS, HIGHLANDER, & BACK TO THE FUTURE Available now at Fright-Rags.com Hamish Downie’s Five Questions With Tim O’Leary Hamish Downie's Five Questions With Clement Hil Goldberg Nerdy Chupacabras #065 HBO’s Emmy-Nominated Unscripted Series WE’RE HERE Returns October 11 Andrea’s Angle | My Name is Pauli Murray – Extraordinary Vision, Extraordinary Person Andrea’s Angle | Blue Bayou – Heart Wrenching and Beautiful Erin's Arcade - Nuclear Power #6 - Remember Visit Hero Within Store Visit Uncharted Regions Website Thank You to our Web Hosting Partner Visit Hero Within Store Travel To Uncharted Regions Technorama Podcast Featured Podcast Thank You: The Arkle Times Post Dispatch News - Brian, the &-list YouTuberon Twitter @G33kOfAllTrades --- Be sure to take a look at Arkle’s other venture: Arkle Studios presents Shameless ...



by Ben and Keith