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That UFO Podcast

Diana Pasulka; 'Encounters' pt.1

That UFO Podcast
That UFO Podcast
Andy is joined by author, researcher & Professor of Religious Studies, Diana Walsh Pasulka in a PACKED interview to discuss;

The journey from 'American Cosmic' to 'Encounters'
What makes a genuine encounter for Diana?
Working with some of the biggest names in UFOlogy from day 1
Second coming scenario v true Disclosure
The Vatican & its archived UFO information
Rituals taking place before Space launches
The Greek/Roman Gods never having left...!
What is the UFO research community missing?
Listener questions
And much, much more

Diana's links;
Book; https://bit.ly/3QKbpV8
Insta; http://instagram.com/dwpasulka/
Twitter/X; https://twitter.com/dwpasulka

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