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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Hope For the Under-Resourced Parent | Pam Leo | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast - S2 E20


Maybe you, like I am, are struggling - muddling your way through this parenting thing. Pam Leo, offers so much hope in this episode for any parent or caregiver who feels under-resourced, who feels like they're not giving enough or not quite hitting the mark.

Pam is lovely and her resources and her life's mission has given us a better understanding of why parenting can be so unbelievably hard and then she gives practical tips and ideas that will help. We are often competing with our children to get needs met and a lack of resources is the most common reason for that competition.

Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting, joins us on the podcast to share her story as well as the genesis of Connection Parenting, and her book that includes her framework for 'Parenting Through Connection instead of Coercion'.

Pam is a delight and we know you'll love this conversation!

Check out Connection Parenting here: https://connectionparenting.com/

And The Book Fairy Panty Project here: https://bookfairypantryproject.org/

And Buy Pam's fantastic book here: https://amzn.to/3IR2vzk