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Breaking Down Astrology with Rachel Lang

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At the start of a new year, we all wonder what the year will hold for us. Even with the resolutions and intentions we set, there’s also that element of uncertainty around the things we can’t control. What will come our way? What will shift for us?

This goes beyond just us as individuals. Our planet also goes through shifts and transitions with the rhythms of nature and the universe – and on this show, I’m talking with astrologer Rachel Lang to learn more about what might be coming for all of us here on earth in 2023 and beyond.

Before giving her predictions for 2023, Rachel breaks down what astrology is and why it’s so much more than what many people think. She helps demystify some of the thought processes and patterns behind it and explains some of the shifts that could be coming in the universe.

And, to help illustrate just how complex and deep astrology charts can be, I’m putting myself out there and letting her read my chart on air. Curious to find out what might be going on in my life this year? Listen to find out!

Listen to discover:

  • What astrology is and what it is not
  • Why it’s much more in depth than birth dates and horoscopes
  • What an astrology chart even is
  • Some of the things happening on the planet in 2023 and beyond
  • A real-time reading of Michelle’s chart for 2023

Astrology is much deeper than just your birthday or your horoscope in the newspaper. It’s about the rhythms of nature and the patterns we see in the heavenly bodies – and what that can mean for trends in the universe and in each of our lives.

Whether you love astrology or are a self-proclaimed skeptic, this episode will give you some interesting things to consider and some insights into what this year might hold for you.

“Any time we open ourselves up, we have the opportunity to really help others.” - Rachel Lang

“It is the least woo woo of all the things that are considered woo.” - Rachel Lang

“It’s a study of archetypes.” - Rachel Lang

“Everything has some kind of symbolic resonance.” - Rachel Lang

“You can use astrology for just about everything.” - Michelle Chalfant

“If we would work with the cycles of nature instead of against them, then I think personally we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems that we have right now.” - Rachel Lang

“Everything affects everything else.” - Rachel Lang

“It’s about space, but ultimately, it brings us to a place of presence on the earth.” - Rachel Lang


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Episode #94: An Astrologer's View of New Year Transitions with Rachel Lang


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