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Creating a Healthy Blended Family with Amber Jones

The Adult Chair
The Adult Chair

You just met the new love of your life, and after a season of single parenting, you’re so excited to build a life with your new partner and create a beautiful blended family.

But you don’t just have yourself to think about. Between their kids, your kids, exes and in-laws, forming new bonds and creating healthy dynamics can be, well, complicated. Not only do you want to be a great parent or stepparent to your blended family, but you’re also navigating brand new territory with your partner, from different parenting styles to setting healthy boundaries.

Certified Adult Chair® Coach, Amber Jones, has lived this as a mom and stepmom to a blended family of six children, and in this show, she drops a wealth of wisdom on how to create connected blended families from your Adult Chair.

We talk about the nitty gritty of boundaries with exes, building relationships with stepchildren, parenting roles, when to introduce your children to a new partner, and how to deepen your relationship with your partner.

And, like everything in The Adult Chair®, we know that the true work happens within, so Amber also walks us through how to work with our own triggers, the importance of self-worth and why navigating blended family dynamics can be such a beautiful opportunity to work on ourselves.

Listen to discover:

  • Amber's story of navigating divorce, dating and remarriage in a blended family of six kids
  • When to introduce your kids to a new partner
  • How to navigate different parenting styles
  • The two most common struggles for blended families
  • The importance of centering the relationship and the "couple bubble"
  • How to deal with pressures from outside the relationship
  • How long-term relationships can be a mirror for growth
  • The power of gratitude in your relationship
  • Tips for increasing connection with your partner

Amber is a wonderful relationship coach, and whether you’re part of a blended family, considering dating again, dating someone with children or just looking to strengthen your relationship, kids or no kids, this episode is for you!

"We both really believe that the relationship is the foundation of the whole family." - Amber Jones

"You have to be a unified front." - Michelle Chalfant

"Your self-worth has to be very intact. You have to know that you're worthy and that your partner loves you and that you're good enough." - Amber Jones

"I think that when it comes to exes, it's really the responsibility of the partner whose ex it is to manage and handle the ex. " - Amber Jones

"You've got to be #1 on each other's list." - Michelle Chalfant

"The biggest problems that I see are because of other people outside of the relationship causing issues within the relationship." - Amber Jones

"I think there's so much power in those words of just saying, 'I believe you. I believe your experience.'" - Amber Jones

"Triggers are a gift because they show us our inner beliefs about ourselves." - Michelle Chalfant


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