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Holiday Replay: How to Manifest Anything with Dr. Joe Vitale

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Whether you love manifesting or you’re still a little skeptical, I want you to consider one thing: if the Law of Attraction really is a law of nature, like gravity, is it possible that it is working in your life whether you know it or not?

Is it possible that your unconscious beliefs are shaping your reality in ways you don’t realize – or want – simply because you haven’t chosen another way of thinking?

This was the reality of Dr. Joe Vitale’s life when he was homeless and living on the floor of the Dallas library. A lifelong learner with a love for books, he would spend hours in the self-development section, trying to figure out what was keeping him stuck in life. He realized he was carrying a tremendous amount of limiting beliefs, including the belief that he needed to suffer to be successful, and these beliefs were the very reason he was in the circumstances he was in.

As he changed his beliefs, he changed his entire life from his finances to his career, and today he’s a wildly successful author, actor, musician and guru on the Law of Attraction – and I was so honored to speak with him on today’s show.

Dr. Joe helps explain the Law of Attraction and how it works on a practical level, showing how what we focus on is what we get, and walks us through a beautiful Hawaiian process for healing ourselves and those around us. I asked him all the tough questions and got all of the answers for you, so you can look at this concept through a new lens and start creating the life you want!

Listen to discover:

  • How Dr. Joe went from being homeless to being a wildly successful author, actor and musician – just by shifting his beliefs
  • Where to start getting the life you want
  • What the law of attraction is and why it can work for you (even if you don't think so)
  • The importance of choosing love instead of fear for creating the life you want
  • Why your unconscious beliefs make all the difference in manifestation
  • The power of the ho'oponopono prayer and how to use it

At the end of the day, the Law of Attraction is based on the idea that we see and get more of what we focus on. Wouldn’t you rather focus on love than on fear or hate, no matter what – and especially if doing so was directly connected to the reality you were living? This is an awesome show to help you get started on that path and begin to see that miracles ARE possible!

“The inner work is what got me here.” - Dr. Joe Vitale

“In order to change the outside reality, you gotta go inside.” - Michelle Chalfant

“You’re not purposely, consciously choosing most of these beliefs. Most of them you’ve absorbed.” - Dr. Joe Vitale

“The ‘how’ is the number one thing that stops people.” - Dr. Joe Vitale

"Fear and hate are two of the most powerful manifesting emotions that there are." - Dr. Joe Vitale

"Emotion is fire for creating what you want." - Dr. Joe Vitale

"The law of attraction is how your brain works. It is bringing to you what you're focused on." - Dr. Joe Vitale

“I love working with the unconscious mind because that is where, to me, the magic is." - MIchelle Chalfant

“It seems to me the only limits we have are mental constructs.” - Dr. Joe Vitale


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