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How to Love Your Spouse Well - The Best of Love

The Alli Worthington Show
The Alli Worthington Show

Hey friend! What if you could get some of the best marriage advice from multiple experts all in one place? That would be a game-changer, right?!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, that’s exactly what we’re doing today!

I have pulled together some of my favorite marriage advice we’ve gotten here on the show over the last year to give you the best of love.

These marriage tips come from three experts with different perspectives and wisdom we could all use when it comes to our marriage (and our relationships!).

No marriage is perfect, but these tips will help you build that connection and strengthen the most important relationship in your life.

Listen in as we talk about :

Kevin Myers has been married to his wife and co-author, Marcia, for nearly forty years. The Myers have four grown children and two grandchildren, and live in Georgia, where Kevin is senior pastor at 12Stone Church.

Toni Nieuwhof has worked as a divorce attorney and knows what it’s like to wish your marriage was better. She and her husband, Carey, have weathered the ups and downs to have a great marriage, and now Toni helps others do the same through books, courses, and podcasts.

Gary Thomas is an international speaker and best-selling author of over fifteen books, including Sacred Marriage, which has sold over one million copies. Gary and his wife, Lisa, have been married for nearly forty years. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Favorite quotes:

~“You need to be in the life of prayer to accomplish only what God can accomplish and make possible in a marriage relationship.” - Kevin Myers

~“We tend to use marriage rather than build it.”” - Kevin Myers

~“A much healthier approach to marriage is to recognize what you really want is to elevate your bond and marriage connection higher than your own individual interests.” - Toni Nieuwhof

~“One of the best ways you can give security to your kids and give them that solid loving foundation is to love your spouse really well and make your marriage a priority.” - Toni Nieuwhof

~“An emotionally connected marriage makes the difficulties easier to bear and the fun times that much more delicious to enjoy.” - Gary Thomas

~“Intimacy is dependent on security. You can’t be intimate with somebody that you don’t feel secure with.” - Gary Thomas

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