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by Lael Stone and Marion Rose
The Aware Parenting Podcast

Episode 73: Teens and limits


In this episode of The Aware Parenting Podcast, we discuss setting limits with teens and how we can create opportunities for healing and growth.  

We explored our reactions and responses and what teens might be needing when they are upset.

We looked at the different reasons teens may be looking for limits and how looking behind the behaviour can be helpful.

We also discussed the power of connection to elicit co-operation and how using punishments can create more unwanted behaviour.  

As always, we delved into our own internal stories and what could be helpful when meeting big feelings in our teenagers and what we may have wanted from the adults in our life when we were younger.

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We’re sending you much love and compassion in your parenting journey.
Marion and Lael



by Lael Stone and Marion Rose