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The Bob McCown Podcast

EP 157 - JON MOROSI on the Toronto Blue Jays Young Stars And Bright Future.


Podcast regular and baseball expert, JON MOROSI, from the MLB Network comes on to the show to talk some Blue Jays with Bob and John.

But first, to start the show, Bob and John spend some time addressing Noami Osaka and her decision to pull out of the French Open - As the awareness of mental health grows, should professional sports and their media make a bigger effort to protect it's players?

Then it's baseball talk with Jon Morosi as the three take note of how good Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been as of late and wonder if this is the type of player Jays fans were promised before he came to the league.

Jon, Bob and our John then move on to the rest of the team - Who has the better team? The 2015 Blue Jays or the roster we are seeing today? The three discuss.

We also talk about George Springer, Marcus Semien and what holes the team still needs to fill to become a contender. What position should be made a priority come the trade deadline - Pitching or 3rd Base?

And finally, Bob and John give their guest a chance to flex his hockey chops, as Morosi compares todays Maple Leafs with the 90's Red Wings before he leaves, prompting the two to finish the show with a hearty discussion over what on earth the Buds are going to do to get back on track this summer.


Episode 157

by Fadoo Productions