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by Fadoo Productions
The Bob McCown Podcast

EP 158 - MATT DEVLIN on the Toronto Raptors and the NBA Playoffs.


After a lengthy argument regarding the Mark Scheifele hit, Bob and John bring in the voice of the Toronto Raptors, MATT DEVLIN, as the three get into some hoops talk.

Starting with the Raptors, the three discuss the next moves for the team. Is Masai coming back, draft plans and overall what should we expect for next year? Matt Devlin keeps us informed.

Then we move on to the rest of the league - Did we overestimate the talent of both LA teams or have the Suns and Mavericks simply been over-achieving? With more smaller market teams like Utah, Memphis and Phoenix finding success in the post-season, the three wonder if this could be the end of the "Super-Team" era.

We address the front office changes in Boston, question the validity of the play-in tournament and we even get a taste of "Matty-D, resident Junior Hockey Analyst" to finish up the program.


Episode 158

by Fadoo Productions