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The Bob McCown Podcast

EP 168 - STEVE SIMMONS & BRUCE ARTHUR on the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games


STEVE SIMMONS, columnist for the Toronto Sun & BRUCE ARTHER from the Toronto star join the podcast for an Olympic themed roundtable talk with Bob and John.

Despite losing thousands of volunteers, vaccination complications and the fact that there is still a global pandemic - The Tokyo Olympics are still scheduled to begin in just over a month... today the gentleman discuss if this is still a good idea... or ever was.

With all four having worked countless Olympic events over the years we discuss how different the games will look this year due to the virus and the complications that comes with it.

Many questions remain unanswered with threats of potential outbreaks and lack of a vaccination rollout plan - are we setting up for failure?

To end the show, the gentleman discuss the IOC's bidding process over the years, noting the games negative economic effect for the majority of host countries has deterred many from even wanting to host the games.


Episode 168

by Fadoo Productions